Lost History of Stolen Children: An Epic Poem


Being a true accounting of white children kidnapped and sold into slavery at the Chesapeake Bay and the ... century and what became of them afterwards, Annotated Edition.

Dr. Phillips has written three historical references books, known as the White Slave Children Trilogy, which identify by name more than 5,000 white children kidnapped from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Massachusetts and sold into slavery in Maryland and Virginia, c. 1660-1720. These were not indentured servants; these were children without indentures, that is without a contract, taken against their will and without their families' knowledge. This work is an epic poem version of the documented evidence of these children as published in the White Slave Children Trilogy. The poem is divided into seventy-five passages, in lyric poetry, with rhyme and meter. The epic poem is now available with Annotations that verify its historical accuracy.

Richard Hayes Phillips

2021, paper, 186 pp.

ISBN: 9780806321158