Genealogy at a Glance: Maryland Genealogy Research


Advocating religious toleration as early as 1634, Maryland attracted a variety of settlers– separatists and Quakers as well as Roman Catholics–becoming one of the fasting growing colonies in the mid-Atlantic. When the Appalachian region was opened in the 1740s by the Scotch-Irish and Pennsylvania Germans, Maryland expanded west almost into the Ohio country. Settlement was thus widespread and diverse, and one of the keys to finding ancestors in the Free State, according to the author of this Genealogy at a Glance (GAAG) guide, is to search for records at the county level.

Like other publications in the GAAG series, Maryland Genealogy Research is a four-page laminated folder designed to cover the basic elements of genealogical research at a glance. The Maryland GAAG provides an overview of the facts you need to know in order to begin and proceed successfully with your research. Focusing on traditional record sources such as vital records, court records, land records, and probate records, it contains useful tips, research advice, analyses of the major record sources used in Maryland research, and clues to finding those records in state and local repositories.

Michael A. Ports

2020, laminated, folder, 4 pp.

ISBN: 9780806319988