Tennessee Cousins


Tennessee Cousins,  A History of Tennessee People.

Worth S. Ray. 

An immense amount of genealogical data is on tap in this well-known book, which is not confined to Tennessee but reaches out to the Carolinas, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, and other Southern states as well. Over 6,000 names are in the index, with some names having as many as fifty references.

All Tennessee counties are covered, each with pertinent genealogical data such as abstracts of wills and deeds, tombstone inscriptions, marriage records, and sketches of early settlers. The most important records include First Court Records of Washington District, the Marriage Records of Greene, Washington, Jefferson and Knox counties, and Revolutionary Soldiers of Roane County.

“This well-known and well-used book contains a considerable body of genealogical records from most of Tennessee’s counties. . . .it is an extremely valuable tool, primarily for its index, which has one of the best clues to the specific county or counties of Tennessee in which a sought-for family may have lived at one time. No library offering services to Tennessee genealogical researchers should be without it.”–Tennessee Historical Quarterly (Spring 1969).

“It contains a large amount of genealogical and historical data covering not only Tennessee but also the Carolinas, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia and other Southern states.”–“Ansearchin’ News,” Tennessee Genealogical Society, Vol. 16, No. 1, 1969.

1950, (2004). paper, 819 pp.

ISBN 9780806302898