Mayflower Marriages


Mayflower Marriages from the Files of George Ernest Bowman, at the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants. Susan E. Roser. The second of Mrs. Roser’s books based on the Bowman Files, this volume consists of 10,000 marriages spanning five centuries, with names, dates, and sources! In her transcription of the Bowman Files, Mrs. Roser was at pains to show the line of descent within each marriage (as found in the files), thus enabling the reader to trace a genealogy through a marriage. In addition, inter-marriage among Mayflower descendants is shown with the descent of the partner back to the second generation. (There is in fact a separate chapter here showing Mayflower inter-marriages through the eighth generation.) Also included are the names of partners who had a child together but were not married. For convenience in following the various lines, marriages are listed under the names of the respective Mayflower passengers, and all names in the book can be found in the index. 1990, (2001), paper, 415 pp.

ISBN: 9780806312750