Records of Plymouth Colony Births, Deaths, Burials, and Other Records, 1633-1689

Originally published as Volume Eight of Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England: Miscellaneous Records 1633-1689, this work consists of births, marriages, deaths, and burials from the several towns of the Colony of New Plymouth. The records of births, commencing in 1647, of Swansea, Yarmouth, Plymouth, Sandwich, Eastham, Scituate, Taunton, Barnstable, and Rehobeth give the names of the newborn, dates, and names of parents. The records of marriages commence in 1633 and give the names of the newlyweds, dates, and sometimes names of brides’ fathers.


Nathaniel B. Shurtleff


2006, paper, 293 pp.

ISBN: 9780806307015