Genealogy at a Glance: German Genealogy Research, Updated Edition


The wonder of German genealogy expert Ernest Thode’s Genealogy at a Glance: German Genealogy Research—one of our most popular At a Glance guides—is that it manages to provide all the information you’ll ever need on how to get started and proceed with your genealogy research in just four pages. Thode’s guide, originally published in 2011, has now been updated to contain the most current URLs for online genealogy sites, as well as some additional tips and suggested resources for German genealogy researchers.

It is said that more Americans are of German origin than any other nationality, yet Germany wasn’t created as a sovereign state until 1871. Germanic origins are therefore quite diffuse, covering most of the German-speaking regions of central Europe, including Austria, Switzerland, portions of Belgium, Denmark, Poland, and parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Genealogical research into German origins is thus understandably complex, but Genealogy at a Glance: German Genealogy Research. Updated Edition can help set you on the right path. With information on German emigration to America, surnames and given names, places of origin, church records, civil registration, and censuses, as well as citations to the best books and online sources, you’ll have all the key elements of a research strategy right at your fingertips.

Ernest Thode

2020, laminated, 4 pp., folded

ISBN: 9780806321035