South Carolina Baptists, 1670-1805


South Carolina Baptists, 1670-1805.

Leah Townsend.

From the founding of the first official church in 1683, the Baptist Church grew prodigiously in South Carolina. Leah Townsend’s superior history of the development of the Baptist Church in South Carolina emphasizes the growth of the Church in the Low-Country, the Peedee Section, Charleston, and the Back Country, and gives a county-by-county breakdown of the various churches, with statistics of members, dates, and names of ministers. Of greatest interest to genealogists are the membership lists of the various associations and congregations which are interspersed throughout the narrative and in footnotes, many of which supply genealogical data of the first rank. In all, something like 7,000 individuals are identified in this book.

1935, (2007), paper, 391 pp.

ISBN: 9780806306216