Pensioners of the United States, 1818


This work is a reprint of the Report from the Secretary of War, John C. Calhoun, to President James Monroe, March 28, 1818, listing “all the pensioners of the United States, the sum annually paid to each, and the states or territories in which the said pensioners are respectively paid” as contained in documents marked A and B.

Document A contains two sections. The first section includes the names of 3,814 disabled pensioners, arranged alphabetically under each state or territory, with their rank and annual stipend. The second section lists half-pay pensioners (who relinquished bounty land) along with names of guardians and heirs. Document B contains the names of 2,086 additional deceased pensioners, with their rank, monthly and annual stipend, starting dates of the pension, notation of widows or orphans, and occasional added remarks.

United States War Department

(1818), 2008, paper, 362 pp.

ISBN: 9780806303512