Marriages of Loudoun County, Virginia 1757-1853


Painstakingly compiled from marriage bonds, ministers’ returns, marriage registers, court order books, fee books, deed books, and minute books, as well as parish registers and Quaker meeting records, this work is the comprehensive listing of the 12,000 persons who were married in Loudoun County from the date of its creation until the introduction of marriage licenses in 1853. And not only does the work provide us with a list of married couples but also with all the other information in the records likely to be of value to the researcher: date of marriage bond and ceremony, place of residence, age, names of parents or names of bondsmen, sureties, and witnesses. An unusually thorough collection of marriage records!

Mary Alice Wertz

(1985), 2002, paper, 231 pp.

ISBN: 9780806311036