History of Perquimans County [North Carolina]


History of Perquimans County [N.C.] As Compiled from Records Found There and Elsewhere

Mrs. Watson Winslow
Here is a county history that is extraordinarily rich in primary source materials, including abstracts of deeds from 1681 through the Revolutionary War period and, moreover, petitions, divisions of estates, wills, and marriages found in the records of Perquimans and adjacent North Carolina counties. Numbering in the tens of thousands, the records provide the names of all principal parties and related family members, places of residence and migration, descriptions of real and personal property, dates, boundary surveys, names of executors, witnesses, and appraisers, and dates of recording. Altogether, the index contains references to about 35,000 persons! Researchers should note that Perquimans was one of the original North Carolina precincts–with very close ties to the southeastern Virginia counties of Norfolk, Princess Anne, Nansemond, and Isle of Wight–and for many years had fluid boundaries with the North Carolina counties of Chowan, Gates, and Pasquotank.
1931, (2005), paper, 495 pp.
ISBN: 9780806379968