The Place Names of County Derry


The Place Names of County Derry consists of two parts. In Part One researchers will find a list of 1,750 place names, in alphabetical order, as recorded in the 1901 census returns for the city and county of Londonderry (also known as Derry). It includes the names in County Derry of all townlands, together with street listings for all towns. Against each place name (i.e., townland or town and street) is recorded the following information: District Electoral Division, Parish, Registrar District, Poor Law Union, and 17th-Century Landowner. Knowing the record jurisdictions for place names will result in more effective use of major Irish record sources such as 1901 and 1911 census returns; church registers; civil registers of births, marriages, and deaths; the national indexes to civil birth, marriage, and death registers; and estate records.

Part Two, County Derry Parish Reports, features record sources–both civil and church–of value to family historians, compiled and recorded by parish. By mid-19th century, County Derry was subdivided into 46 civil parishes. Realistic genealogical research, in the absence of indexes and databases, generally requires knowledge of the parish in which your ancestor lived. This section details parish reports, in alphabetical order, for each of Derry’s 46 civil parishes, describing and locating the parish (e.g., topographical features, population in 1831, principle towns), identifying the top ten surnames in the mid-19th century, and detailing the major record sources for that parish: (1) church registers, their religious denomination and commencement dates; (2) graveyards and their location in the mid-19th century; and (3) census returns and census substitutes dating from 1663 to 1911.

Brian Mitchell

2016, paper, 106 pp.

ISBN: 9780806358017