Old Families of Staten Island


This book is excerpted from Clute’s Annals of Staten Island From Its Discovery to the Present Time. It contains concise genealogical essays or notes on eighty early Staten Island families. If your Staten Island ancestor possessed one of the following surnames, this book may contain the clue you’re looking for: Alston, Androvette, Barnes, Bedell, Blake, Bodine, Bogart, Braisted, Britton, Burbank, Burgher, Bush, Butler, Cannon, Christopher, Cole, Colon, Conner, Corsen, Cortleyou, Crips, Crocheron, Cruser, Cubberly, Decker, De Groot, De Hart, Depuy, Disosway, Dubois, Dustan, Eddy, Egbert, Enyard, Fountain, Frost, Garrison, Guyon, Hatfield, Haughwout, Hillyer, Holmes, Housman, Jacobson, Johnson, Jones, Journeay, LaForge, Lake, Larzelere, Latourette, Lisk, Lockman, Martino, Martling, Merrill, Mersereau, Metcalf, Morgan, Perine, Poillon, Post, Prall, Ryerss, Seguine, Sharrott, Simonson, Stillwell, Sprague, Taylor, Totten, Van Buskirk, Vanderbilt, Van Name, Van Pelt, Wandel, Winant, Woglom, and Wood.

J. J. Clute

(1877), 2003, paper, 103 pp.

ISBN: 9780806347684