A Genealogist's Refresher Course, Second Edition


A Genealogist’s Refresher Course is less a how-to book than a collection of first-hand experiences, do’s and don’ts, and privileged information. The author emphasized the importance of verifying our findings against the original (primary) sources, and not relying on secondary, or published, accounts as the foundation for our genealogies. One of the most valuable chapters in the book contains a list of nearly 100 different kinds of sources of genealogical information, including anniversary announcements, bank statements, business licenses, memorial cards, health records, medals, newspaper clippings, subpoenas, and many other record categories that genealogists may fail to consult. Still other chapters discuss how to acquire rare or used books and when and how to hire a professional genealogist. In a word, this is a unique genealogy refresher course! The second edition, besides incorporating corrections to the original work, features one new chapter on the records of lineage, hereditary, and other special organizations and a second on how to find used books crucial to your research.

Judy Jacobson

2004, paper, 96 pp.

ISBN: 9780806346274