Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut [4 volumes]


A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Building of a Nation, Four Volumes, Partially indexed.

One of the richest and scarcest publications in all of Connecticut genealogy, this four-volume work boasts detailed genealogical and biographical essays on some 1,000 families of the Constitution State who were well established in Connecticut at the time of the book’s original publication in 1911. Commencing with an explanation of the derivation of the family’s surname, each essay traces forward from the oldest known ancestor to the principal subject of the essay. This is followed by a detailed biography of that person and, in hundreds of instances, his photo, as well as an enumeration of collateral lines related to the principal subject. The index at the back of the final volume identifies some 9,000 Connecticut ancestors.

William Richard Cutter, et al.

(1911), 1997, paper, four volumes, 2,842 pp.

ISBN: 9780806345215