Hampshire County, Virginia (now, West Virginia): Volume II-Minute Book Abstracts 1817-1823


Hampshire County was formed from the Virginia counties of Augusta and Frederick in 1754. Later, during the American Civil War, it became the first Virginia county wholly in the territory that is now West Virginia. Vicki Horton is the compiler of a half-dozen collections of Hampshire County genealogical source records.


The contents of Mrs. Horton’s abstracts, virtually all of which place one or more individuals in Hampshire County during the years of coverage, range over orders to bind orphaned and poor children (sometimes mentioning complete families), grand jury lists, indictments, commissions, overseers of the roads, ordinary licenses, suits, oaths of office, militia lists, and more. This volume also includes the oaths of Hampshire County residents who had served in the Revolutionary War and were applying for pensions.


Vicki Bidinger Horton


1994, (2001), paper, 102 pp.
ISBN: 9780806348698