Migration to South Carolina: Movement from New England and Mid-Atlantic States, 1850 Census


Mrs. Motes continues her efforts to stratify by ethnic groups the population of South Carolina at the taking of the 1850 federal census. This volume, her third based upon the 1850 census, specifies about 2,600 persons of New England or Mid-Atlantic birth who were living in South Carolina in that census year. The census enumerators found approximately 2,600 of these Yankees living in South Carolina in 1850, two-thirds of them from the Mid-Atlantic region.

Mrs. Motes transcribed her information from thirteen reels of microfilm covering the 29 South Carolina counties in 1850. She has arranged those findings in alphabetical order by surname. Each individual is identified by age, sex, occupation, country of birth, county of residence, and household enumeration number. Individuals living in another family’s household are further identified according to the name of the household head, even if a native Carolinian. The front matter to the book includes a helpful author’s preface and a list of South Carolina county codes. The volume concludes with indexes to names, places, and occupation.

Margaret Peckham Motes

(2004), 2006, paper, 138 pp.

ISBN: 9780806352237