Scots-Irish Links, 1825-1900


Throughout the 17th century, there was a substantial emigration from Scotland to Ireland; this changed during the 18th century when the majority of Scottish emigrants were bound for North America and relatively few moved over to Ireland. The late 18th century witnessed the rise of a counter-migration, namely, Irish settlement in Scotland. In fact by the mid-19th century the emigration of the Irish to Scotland had become substantial inasmuch as these migrants were attracted by the economic opportunities available in the rapidly expanding industrial and mining areas, particularly in west central Scotland.

Despite the foregoing change in demographic patterns, there was still some movement from Scotland to Ireland during the Victorian period, albeit on a small scale. This book identifies some of these migrants, and others with links to Scotland, as well as graduates of the University of Glasgow with Irish links. Mr. Dobson undertook the research for this volume in documentary sources in the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh, as well as some published contemporary materials in the Library of the University of St. Andrews.

For each of the roughly 1,300 alphabetically arranged Scots of Irish origin found in this book we are given a location (oftentimes a street address), date, and source of the information. In some instances Mr. Dobson has, much to our delight, identified one or more of the following: the individual’s parent(s), sibling(s) and/or spouse; military service; occupation; education, or more.

David Dobson

2009, paper, 120 pp.

ISBN: 9780806354064