Abstracts of the Testamentary Proceedings of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, Volume XIII: 1712-1716; Libers 22 (p. 148-500), 23 (p. 1-43)


The Prerogative Court was the focal point for probate in colonial Maryland. All matters of probate went directly to the Prerogative Court, which was located in Annapolis, Maryland’s, colonial capital. The Prerogative Court was also the colony’s court for equity cases–resolution of disputes over the settlement and distribution of an estate.

Volume XIII contains abstracts of records for the period 1712 to 1716, as found in parts of Libers 22 and 23. The abstracts are arranged chronologically by court session. For the most part, the transcriptions state the names of the principals (testators, heirs, witnesses, administrators, and so forth) as well as details of bequests, names of slaves, appraisers, and more. This volume refers to more than 7,000 residents of the Province of Maryland during the period cited in the title.

Vernon L. Skinner, Jr.

2008, paper, 296 pp.

ISBN: 9780806353708