Register of Marriages, Bland County, Virginia, 1861-1899


Register of Marriages, Bland County, Virginia, 1861-1899.  Robert & Judy Hetherington. 2001.

An accurate transcription of the marriage records currently held at the Bland County Courthouse, this book presents these data in a form that is easy to use: 8" x 11", landscape-orientation format. An alphabetized index is included at the end of this book to assist the reader in locating marriage records. It contains 249 SURNAMES and over 8,000 names in all. When possible census data was utilized to verify and/or identify names which were nearly illegible. It should be noted that oftentimes a clerk recorded only initials and sometimes variations in the spelling of names occurred. The names of parents and occupation of the groom are included as is the name of the minister who performed the marriage. Readers will find this book helpful for any study of family histories in Bland County.