Charles Parish, York County, Virginia History and Registers: Births, 1648-1789; Deaths, 1665-1787


This volume, first printed in 1932, is a transcription of the Register of Charles Parish, York County, Virginia, and it contains the earliest entries of any Virginia church record book in existence. For easy reference, the author reorganized the contents of the original register into two separate alphabetical lists, one for births (3,500+) and the other for deaths (c. 2,000). Births usually give the child's name, the names of the parents, the date of birth and, sometimes, the date of baptism. The death records indicate the decedent's full name and date of death, and, sometimes, the given name of a spouse or parent. Chapters are also included on a narrative history of the formation of Charles Parish and its relationship to York County. The historical narrative discusses the origins of the parish, controversies arising out of the election of parish vestrymen and the arrival of parish ministers and their families. A complete index of every name found in the history and among the birth and death records is provided.

Landon C. Bell

1932, (2011), 6x9, 297 pp.