Caroline County, Virginia Court Records, Probate and Other Records from the Court Order and Minute Books 1781–1799


There are also chapters on civil matters, guardian bonds, manumissions, the tobacco warehouses, the courthouse and prison upkeep, processioning, overseers of the poor, overseers of the road, sheriffs and other officers, the justices and more. Includes transcriptions of the following: Court Order Book 1781-1785 (Mar 1781-Apr 1785); Court Order Book 1785-1787 (May 1785-Mar 1787); Court Order Book 1787-1789 (Apr 1787-May 1789); Court Minute Book 1787-1791; Court Minute Book 1794 - 1796 (Jun 1794-Dec 1796); Court Order Book 1799-1802 (Sep 1799 – Dec 1799). Note: The Record Books for orders from Oct 1791- May 1794 are among the missing records of Caroline County.

Kimberly Curtis Campbell

1999, 285 pp., 8½ x11