Caroline County, Virginia Court Records Volume III


Probate and other Records from the Court Order and Minute Books 1800-1804

This third volume will try to fill in the þrecords gapþ by using the Court Order and Minute Books from 1800 through 1804. Names of people and places are transcribed exactly as they appear in the record. No attempt has been made to correct any spelling or grammatical errors, so try variant spellings as you search the every-name index.

Look for your ancestor in the Probate Chapter, then follow the records from the Will or Administration Bond through the final Order to settle the Estate. You may also find several Chancery Suits which may be of help.

Did your ancestor serve in the Militia? Check out the County Militia section. There are also Chapters on Civil matters, Guardian Bonds, Manumissions, the Tobacco Warehouses, the Courthouse and Prison upkeep, Processioning, Overseers of the Poor, Overseers of the Road, Sheriffs and other Officers, the Justices and more.

Kimberly Curtis Campbell