Essex County, Virginia 1810 Census


Essex County, Virginia 1810 Census.

John Vogt. 2011.  

This is the first surviving census for Essex, since both the 1790 and 1800 censuses have been lost. The manuscript is transcribed in its original form with all beginning and ending notations included. The manuscript is in average condition, with several of the pages extremely faded. This census should be a complement to the fine work of Roger Ward (below) on land taxes in the county.

Family names included in the 1810 Essex census are listed below:

Adams; Alexander; Allen; Andrews; Anthoney; Armstrong; Artkinson; Atkins; Atkinson; Ayres; Ball; Banks; Barnes; Barnett; Barton; Basket; Baylor; Baynham; Beale; Beazley; Belfield; Berry; Bird; Black; Blackburn; Blake; Bland; Boazley; Bohannon; Booker; Boughan; Boughton; Boulware; Breedlove; Brian; Bridges; Brizendine; Brizindine; Brockenbr.h; Brockenbrough; Broocke; Broockes; Broocks; Brooke; Brooks; Brown; Bunday; Burke; Burnett; Bush; Byrd; Callis; Campbell; Carlton; Carter; Cauthon; Cavanaugh; Chandler; Charity; Clarke; Clarkson; Clemants; Clements; Cloudass; Coates; Coghill; Cole; Coleman; Collins; Conoley; Cooper; Covington; Cox; Creedland; Crewdson; Crisey; Crittendon; Crossfield; Crow; Croxton; Crutchfield; Curry; Daingerfield; Daniel; Davis; Day; Deale; Dennett; Dickenson; Dishman; Dix; Dobbins; Doggins; Dollins; Donnison; Donohoe; Dowling; Downey; Driver; Dunn; Durham; Dyke; Edwards; Elliott; Emanuel; Estate; Evans; Farmer; Faucett; Faulconer; Fenton; Fergerson; Ferrel; Fidler; Fisher; Fogg; Fortune; Foster; FourAcres; Fowler; Fuller; F–ier; Gaines; Garnett; Garrett; Gatewood; Gayle; Gibson; Gordon; Gouldin; Goulding; Gouldman; Graves; Gray; Green; Greenstreet; Greenwood; Griffin; Griggs; Haile; Halbert; Hardy; Harles; Harper; Harris; Hawes; Hayes; Haynes; Haystalk; Heath; Henley; Hester; Hill; Hipkins; Hodges; Holinger; Hollinger; Howard; Howerton; Hudgen; Hudson; Hundley; Hunter; Ingram; Janey; Jarvis; Jeffries; Johnson; Jones; Judah; Kay; Keesee; Kidd; Lambeth; Latane; Latham; Lee; Lewis; Longest; Low; Loyal; Loyde; Lumpkin; Mahunney; Man; Mann; Manner; Marlow; Marshall; Mason; Matthews; McFarlin; McGay; McGivan; McGuy; Mchan; Meador; Micou; Miller; Miner; Minter; Mitchel; Monroe; Montague; Moody; Mullins; Munday; Muse; Newall; Newbill; Nickins; Noel; Olivar; Olover; Parker; Perry; Philips; Pickles; Pitts; Post; Potts; Prosser; Purkins; Quarles; Ramsey; Ranno; Rennolds; Rich; Richards; Richardson; Ritchie; Rollins; Rose; Rouse; Rouzee; Roy; Ryland; Sadler; Sale; Sam.l; Samuel; Satterwhite; Saunders; Schools; Shackelford; Shadock; Shearwood; Shepard; Sherwood; Ship; Short; Simcoe; Simmons; Smether; Smith; Smither; Soleleather; Somervail; Sowel; Spindle; St.John; Steward; Stewart; Stokes; Street; Sullivan; Taff; Taylor; Temple; Thomas; Toombs; Townley; Trible; Tucker; Tune; Tureman; Turner; Upshaw; Ussery; Vawter; Wagoner; Walden; Walker; Ward; Ware; Waring; Watkins; Watson; Wayde; Webb; Weir; Welch; Whitlock; Williams; Williamson; Wood; Woodward; Woody; Wright; Yarrington; Young; and Younger.