The Federal Census of 1850 for Fayette County, [West] Virginia


Fayette County, Virginia was created in 1831 from portions of Logan, Greenbrier, Nicholas and Kanawha counties. In 1833, Fayette gave a small parcel of territory back to Greenbrier County, and in 1839, another small parcel was returned to Kanawha County. Raleigh County was formed in 1850 from the southern part of Fayette, and also in that year, a slight adjustment was made in the boundary line between Fayette and Kanawha counties, with territory accruing to Fayette. In 1863, Fayette was one of the counties that formed the new state of West Virginia. The current booklet is an accurate and thorough transcription of the first census for Fayette County, [West] Virginia, in which all members of each household were listed individually by name. This volume contains over one thousand unique surname entries. A valuable source for genealogists. A complete index is provided.

Larry G. Shuck