A Guide to Episcopal Church Records in Virginia


The disenfranchisement of the Church of England following the American Revolution, combined with the sale of church properties in the early nineteenth century and constantly changing parish and county boundaries, have all served to fragment the ecclesiastical records of the successor Protestant Episcopal denomination. A few of the older holdings and records of extinct parishes are in library repositories; others are held in diocesan collections and by the individual churches. Their baptism, confirmation, marriage, and burial records are of immense value to the genealogical researcher. This volume is the result of the author's exhaustive search to identify and describe existing church and parish records, and to correspond with the individual churches on how to obtain information from them. A Guide to Episcopal Records in Virginia is a major reference tool for every genealogical researcher who deals with the Church of England in the colonial period and the successor Protestant Episcopal Church.

Edith F. Axelson

1988, vi, 136 pages.