Greenbrier County, Virginia Records, Volume 1


Early Survey Records, 1780-1799; Early Court Minutes, 1780-1801 [1811]; Magistrate's Memoranda, 1817-1819; Court Record Books, 1828-1835; District Court Records, 1792-1797; Deeds, Sweet Springs Courthouse, 1789-1808.

When Greenbrier County was established in 1778, it contained within its initial borders land that eventually would form another eleven counties in what later became the state of West Virginia. Sooner or later, any serious search in the southern West Virginia area leads back to Greenbrier County records. A most thorough index is provided in the current work, and it includes more than eight thousand unique entries for a total of about twenty-five thousand total references.


Larry Shuck


1988, paper, 457 pp.