High in Old Virginia's Piedmont: A History of Marshall (formerly Salem), Fauquier County, Virginia


Marshall, Virginia, originally named Salem, but renamed in 1882 in honor of Chief Justice John Marshall, has experienced many changes since the town was surveyed and platted by John Mauzy in 1797. The geographical focus of this book is based on that survey and an area of 2 1/2 miles surrounding the village.

From these early settlement beginnings to a small, pleasant town of rural charm in the early 1950s, Marshall experienced complex problems brought about by the onset of progress. Because of northern Virginia expansion to the area, anticipated future growth did not mature, townhouse development became a reality and Interstate 66 was opened through Fauquier County, placing many demands upon a small town.

Historian John Gott, by presenting this history in an honest and impartial interpretation, connects the past in some way with the conditions of the times. Problems are discussed and suggestions for solutions are explored. Optimistically, he feels there are public spirited individuals and business firms with a sense of both past and future who will devise ways of preserving the best of what remains, and use it to enhance the future to Marshall.

The current volume was first published in hardback form in extremely limited quantities in 1987, and it became an immediate classic. The current paperback edition was authorized by the author just one month prior to his death in July 2004.

John Gott

(1987), 2004, paper

ISBN: 9780974992921