Indian Creek Baptist Church, 1822-1882 (Spice Valley Township, Lawrence Co., IN): Origin, Minutes & Family Histories



From the author-
This is a history of the church presently known as Indian Creek Primitive Baptist. Today an empty white frame building rises above the north bank of Indian Creek, in Spice Valley township, Lawrence County Indiana. The church held meetings until about the 1940's but now is dissolved. The graveyard up the hill behind the little church is cared for well, and it is a quiet, peaceful place to visit and contemplate what the church once was in the life of its congregation and community.
   The history of this church cannot be understood apart from the history of its families. Relationships between those families illuminate and explain the migrations to Indiana in the early 1800s. The actions of individual members were shaped by actions by and toward their families. Loyalty and support within the bonds trumped almost anything else. Marriages were alliances between family-states. Perhaps you couldn’t choose your family, but, before God, you stood with them.
   From little up I remember driving by the little white church when visiting my Dad’s family. Over a dozen people named in these pages were my direct ancestors. Counting from Jacob Waggoner Sr, I am a sixth generation Baptist.
   The surviving minute book is a fraying hardbound ledger, extended with many loose sheets of paper when the pages were full. It contains the minutes from 1827 to 1882. The book itself dates from 1832 when the minutes from the old book were copied into the present volume. It is in private hands but the owner kindly permitted me to transcribe and publish it.

Table of Contents:
Brief History
Minutes of the Regular Baptist Church of Christ, met at Indian Creek, 1827-1882
Membership rolls
Constitution of the White River Association
Prosopography, Bibliography, Burials.


Karen Wagner Treacy


2023, paper, index, 275 pp.