King and Queen County, Virginia, 1810 Census


This is the first surviving census for King and Queen, since both the 1790 and 1800 censuses have been lost. The transcription is in its original rough alpha order of the original document for easy reference. King and Queen was one of the first settlements in the Northern Neck in the late seventeenth century and it has been the scene of numerous historic events. The very high proportion of slaves to the overall total illustrates the plantation society which existed in the area by the beginning of the nineteenth century.

SURNAMES included in the 1810 King and Queen census are:
Acre; Adams; Alexander; Allen; Anderson; Atkins; Bagby; Banks; Barby; Barfoot; Barkley; Basket; Bates; Beadles; Bew; Bird; Bland; Bohannon; Booker; Botts; Boughton; Boulware; Bourne; Bowden; Boyd; Braxton; Bray; Bridget; Brisendine; Brister; Broach; Broaddus; Brookes; Brown; Brumley; Brushwood; Buckner; Bullman; Burch; Burnnett; Burton; Busby; Byne; Campbell; Cannady; Cardwell; Carlton; Carr; Carter; Caugfland; Cauthorn; Cawthorn; Chanalt; Chapman; Clark; Clayton; Cleavley; Clegg; Cole; Collie; Collier; Collins; Cook; Cooke; Cooper; Corbin; Courtney; Covington; Cox; Crafton; Crane; Crittenden; Cross; Crouch; Crow; Curry; Dalley; Darling; Davis; Deane; Deshazo; Dickie; Diggs; Dillard; Dudley; Dunbar; Dunn; Edmondson; Edwards; Eubank; Evans; Faringholtz; Farmer; Farrow; Faulkner; Fauntleroy; Fiddler; Fidler; Fleet; Fleming; Fogg; Foster; Fox; Furgeson; Gaile; Gaines; Gardner; Garnett; Garrett; Gatewod; Gatewood; Gentry; Gibson; Gilmore; Gleeson; Good; Gouldman; Gouldmond; Grafton; Gramsil; Graves; Green; Greenstreet; Gresham; Griffith; Groom; Guthry; Gwathmey; Haile; Hall; Hare; Harland; Harper; Harris; Hart; Harwood; Hasken; Hawes; Hawkins; Hawood; Hayes; Hemingway; Henderson; Henry; Hill; Hilyard; Hitchecock; Holderby; Hooker; Hoomes; Hooper; Hoskins; Hott; Houghton; Howard; Howel; Howerton; Hudson; Hundley; Hurt; Hutcheson; Ison; Jackson; Jeffries; Jeffry; Johnson; Jones; Jordan; Kauffman; Kemp; Kerchevall; Kerr; Key; Kidd; Lafon; Lambeth; Langham; Lankford; Layne; Leman; Lewis; Longest; Loving; Lumpkin; Lumpkins; Lyne; Mahon; Major; Mann; Marman; Marshall; Martin; May; Meador; Meredith; Milbey; Mills; Minor; Mitchell; Moody; Moore; Morris; Motley; Muire; Mullin; Muse; Nann; New; Newbill; Newcomb; Newsum; Noel; Norman; Norris; Nunn; Oakes; Oglebe; Oliver; Orrill; Owens; Pace; Page; Palmer; Parker; Parker; Patterson; Pearce; Pemberton; Pendleton; Perriman; Philips; Pickels; Pillsbury; Pitts; Pollard; Pollen; Prewett; Prince; Purks; Pynes; Radford; Reade; Redd; Richards; Richeson; Riddle; Roane; Roberson; Roberts; Robins; Row; Roy; Royston; Ryland; Rylie; Saddler; Sale; Samuel; Sanders; Schools; Scott; Sears; Segar; Self; Semple; Seward; Sewards; Shackelford; Shepherd; Simpkins; Skelton; Smith; Smither; Smithy; South; Southall; Southern; Southgate; Spencer; Standard; Stevens; Steward; Stone; Taliaferro; Tarrent; Taylor; Temple; Terry; Tewmond; Thomas; Thrift; Thurston; Tigner; Tinsbloome; Todd; Townley; Trice; Tucker; Tuning; Tunstall; Turner; Twopence; Upshaw; Vass; Vaughan; Virlander; Walden; Walker; Waller; Walton; Ware; Warren; Watkins; Watts; Webb; Webley; Wedderbourne; Whayne; Wheeler; Williams; Williamson; Willis; Wilmore; Wilson; Wright; Wyatt; Young

John Vogt