Kanawha County, Virginia 1810 Federal Census: A Transcription


A faithful and accurate transcription of the first surviving census for this western Virginia county from which all or part of nineteen counties ultimately were formed.

SURNAMES included in the 1810 Kanawha census are:
Adkerson; Alderson; Alexander; Alts; Anderson; Asbury; Atkerson; Austin; Bagess; Bailes; Baily; Baker; Baldin; Ballard; Barger; Barker; Barrett; Barris; Baxter; Beach; Belber; Bently; Blain; Blake; Boggs; Bosworth; Bowman; Breckett; Briant; Britt; Brooks; Brown; Bryant; Buckle; Burke; Bush; Buster; Campbell; Canada; Canterbury; Cantsill; Carrol; Cartmell; Caruthers; Casdorph; Casey; Cavender; Chapman; Childers; Childress; Christian; Clark; Claypole; Cobb; Comaga; Combs; Conner; Cooper; Cottle; Counch; Cremans; Crowder; Cunningham; Daggs; Darlington; Dauling; Davis; Dawny; Dawson; Denison; Dilly; Dixon; Doddridge; Donally; Dorch; Dornson; Dudding; Dufield; Duke; Dunbar; Ellis; Entsminger; Estill; Everit; Everitt; Evilsizer; Ewing; Filson; Fitzwaters; Fletcher; Foster; Fowler; Frame; France; Galahan; Galasby; Gatewood; Gilespee; Givens; Graham; Grass; Green; Greenlee; Griffith; Groves; Guthery; Guthry; Hambrick; Hamilton; Hamrick; Hanack; Hanceford; Hankins; Hanly; Hanna; Hardwick; Harell; Haris; Harmon; Harrison; Haugh; Haynes; Hays; Heaten; Henry; Hester; Heys; Higginbottom; Hill; Hitt; Hix; Holly; Holyday; Homes; Hoover; Horner; Horton; Huddleston; Hudlin; Hudson; Hufh; Hughes; Hutcherson; Insco; Irwin; James; Jarrad; Jarred; Jarret; Jarrett; Jefferies; Jenkins; Jinkins; Johnson; Johnston; Jones; Jopling; Kean; Kearns; Keenan; Kelly; Kinder; King; Kirkpatrick; Kounts; Kringrey; Lacy; Lamasters; Lane; Lawhorn; Lawrence; Laywell; Lee; Lett; Lewis; Lickins; Lilly; Littlepage; Lively; Long; Low; Madcaff; Mahurin; Marson; Martin; Massie; Mathews; Maupin; McAlister; McCawlin; McClewer; McCorkle; McCown; McCoy; McCue; McNeely; McNeetle; Meadows; Medley; Medly; Milam; Milburne; Miller; Moloham; Molohan; Montgomery; Moody; Moor; Morice; Moris; Morison; Morris; Murphey; Neal; Neely; Newgen; Newhouse; Nicholes; Nichols; Niler; Noyes; Null; Odle; Parish; Parks; Patrick; Paul; Pauly; Pearson; Perry; Persinger; Phelps; Phillips; Pittzel; Poor; Price; Priestly; Prior; Proctor; Putman; Racket; Ramsey; Ray; Reader; Reaves; Reynolds; Rider; Roberts; Robinson; Rodgers; Ross; Rucker; Ruffner; Russell; Samuels; Sawyers; Seys; Shark; Shaver; Shipe; Shirkey; Shrewsbury; Silket; Simms; Sims; Skiles; Slack; Slaughter; Smack; Smith; Spangler; Sparks; Stackton; Stanly; Stark; Starke; Steel; Stephen; Stephenson; Stevenson; Stewart; Stilt; Story; Stover; Stowers; Strickler; Styles; Swan; Swearingen; Tackett; Taylor; Thomas; Thompson; Toney; Trigg; Tudor; Turly; Usely; Venable; Vincent; Waldron; Walker; Wallace; Ward; Ware; Watts; Waugh; Welch; Wells; Wheeler; White; Whitteker; Williams; Williamson; Wilson; Wily; Windsor; Wood; Workman; Young

John Vogt