Lunenburg County, Virginia 1810 Census


Lunenburg County, Virginia 1810 Census.

John Vogt.  

This is the first surviving census for Lunenburg, since both the 1790 and 1800 censuses have been lost. Lunenburg was a populous county in Southside Virginia, with moderate-sized plantations and a significant slave population (60%). In addition to the census, the transcriber has correlated the names on the census with those of the 1815 landowners in Lunenburg. 1815 was the first year in which the owner's land was delineated in relation to its distance and direction from the courthouse. In this manner, groups of settlers may be ascertained and family groups defined.

This and other 1810 censuses are transcribed by the author from the original images, and while many of Virginia's censuses are available online, they oftentimes are replete with misreadings. Caveat emptor!