Loudoun County, Virginia Militia Registers, 1793-1829


A careful and exact transcription of the militia registers for this most important county. Contains over 20,000 references to men who served during this period. Extremely valuable, since every able-bodied male over sixteen years was liable for service unless exempted by age or infirmity. Also important for families who moved away, since often in the registers it notes their destinations. The Loudoun County militia journals list the names of hundreds of men who lived there from 1793 until 1824. There are company rosters naming the officers, sergeants, corporals, drummers and clerks. Officers of higher rank and assignment are frequently mentioned. One can also find the names and locations of home and tavern owners who provided space for companies to muster and rooms for boards to convene in. Although there is little family information, some militiamen are further identified by the listing of their fathers' or masters' names beside their own. There are many rosters which include father and son or several brothers, all in the same companies.

Don Blincoe, Sr.

1993, paper