In and Around the Loop [Northern Frederick County, Virginia]


In and Around the Loop (Northern Frederick County, Virginia).

James V. Hutton, Jr. 1998.  

The Loop was an early name for White Hall, Virginia. Initially, Court records indicate that the village was called Guadeloupe, translated over the years to Got-A-Loop, God's Loop and The Loop. It became White Hall when the post office was established in 1818.
      This text includes notes and stories collected and recorded from church, school and newspaper reportings, as well as oral accounts. The project has been ongoing for many years. As a matter of fact, some stories, articles and research extend backward to childhood.
      From histories of various institutions in the northern area of Frederick County, Virginia to previously unpublished material and lists, as well as more personal and entertaining stories related to people, places and things in and around White Hall, Virginia from the early days to the 1940's.
      With its complete index of names, Jim Hutton's creative and historically accurate account will prove both entertaining and an indispensable resource for those researching genealogies in Frederick County, Virginia and/or the life and times around Brucetown, Cedar Grove, The Ridge, Green Spring, Grimes, Welltown, Rest, Woodbine and White Hall.