Loudoun County, Virginia 1810 Census


Loudoun County, Virginia 1810 Census.

 John Vogt. This is the first surviving census for Loudoun, since both the 1790 and 1800 censuses have been lost. The transcription is in the order of the original document as it was taken by Stephen Roszel, the enumerator. A full name index is provided for easy reference. Loudoun was an important and populous county (more than 21,000 in 1810) in the Northern Neck and was a gateway westward during the later eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

N.B.: Numerous queries have asked why bother with printed books when these images are available online for examination. This and other 1810 censuses are transcribed by the author from the original microfilm images, and while many of Virginia's censuses are available online, they oftentimes are replete with misreadings and omissions. For example, a popular genealogical site which reproduces images (albeit very poor quality compared with the originals) has left off the last twelve folios of data from Loudoun! Caveat emptor!