Mathews County, Virginia Death Register 1853-1896


Mathews County, Virginia Death Register 1853-1896. Jane B. Goodsell. 2001. 

Residents who died in Mathews County, Virginia between 1866 and 1874 are transcribed along with the name of the decedent, date of death and the name of the Slave Owner, when applicable.

There are a few missing years in the beginning of the death records and also during the years of the Civil War. The years, 1866-1874, are missing from the Mathews County Death Records, Virginia State Library reel from which this book was transcribed.

Unfortunately, there were no instances where parents were listed. This is why the "parents category" is omitted until 1864. However, all individuals are listed together as either (white) or (colored) to indicate race. In the back of this book. The book also contains an index of causes of deaths, and their definitions from these early death records. A Researcher who is seeking out earlier death records, should see Ms. Goodsell's first Mathews County book (see above), Mathews County Records, 1795-1890 where one will find, Executors Bonds, 1795-1825, Guardians Bonds, 1806-1822, Marriages 1827-1850 performed by Reverend William A. Billups, and Mathews County Marriages 1817-1870 and Mathews County Deaths 1807-1890. However, the names have been copied just as the county clerk wrote them to the best of the transcriber's ability. In some cases, the transcriber referred to the Mathews County Census Records, 1850-1860. Other times she referred to the book, Tombstones of Mathews County, Virginia, published by the Mathews County Historical Society, 1988. Slave names and their owners are listed together at the start of each new year. Be sure to try variant spellings when searching the book and the index. The book contains a complete every-name index. The surnames only have been taken from the index to help shoppers decide if this book contains their ancestors.