Northumberland County, Virginia 1699 Court Order Book, Part 2


This publication is a transcription of Northumberland County, Virginia, 1699 Court Order Book, Part 2: Court Orders for November 23, 1706 through September 16, 1713. Northumberland was part of the Northern Neck of the Fairfax Grant, and it was created in 1645 out of the former Chickakoan Indian District.

This painstaking continuation of the transcription started in the first volume (Northumberland County, Virginia, 1699 Court Order Book, Part 1), covers so many various types of records in such great detail that we can't begin to cover it all here. The every-name index alone spans 68 pages of small type, listing almost anyone who was the subject of public documentation during this early colonial period in a county which covered a vast area of the Northern Neck region.

Charles and Virginia Hamrick

1999, 8.5" x 11", paper, 549 pp.