Marriages of Orange County, Virginia 1747-1850


To this new revised edition is added a complete index of names in the volume, including bride, groom, bondsmen, parents, witnesses, guardians, ministers and any other person mentioned in the original document. Also an appendix of ministers is added along with the number of marriages conducted by each and an outer date range for the marriages of each minister. Most records are quite complete and contain a wealth of genealogical information. The index contains references to the following: 2,984 marriages; 996 minister's returns; 3,379 witnesses; 99 guardians; 2,614 bondsmen; 122 signed permissions; and 1,396 parents. From the original Orange County lands of 1734, the following counties were created: Frederick, Augusta, Culpeper, and Greene.


John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr. 


Revised edition, 1991.