Rockbridge County, Virginia 1810 Census


Including the towns of Lexington and the community of Springfield

This is the first surviving census for Rockbridge, since both the 1790 and 1800 censuses have been lost. The transcription is in the order of the original document for easy reference, with an accompanying index of all names. Rockbridge was an important and populous county in the foothills of western Virginia and it was situated astride the main thoroughfare westward, the Great Valley Road. The town of Lexington, with a population over 700, was a major western center in the early 1800s and boasted two academies, the Ann Smith Academy for Young Ladies, and the Washington Academy (formerly Liberty Hall) for Young Men.

This and other 1810 censuses are transcribed by the author from the original images, and while many of Virginia's censuses are available online, they oftentimes are replete with misreadings. Caveat emptor! 

John Vogt