Russell County, Virginia Wills to 1821, From Will Books 2, 3, 4 and 4A


Russell County, Virginia Wills To 1821, From Will Books 2, 3, 4 and 4A

[Containing bonds, certificates, choses, deeds of emancipation and enfranchisement, delinquent taxpayers, inquisitions ad quod damnum, inventories, powers of attorney, vendues, wills and sundry other unexpected matters of record].

Karen Wagner Treacy. 2012. 

From the Introduction:
Many of the surviving county records for Russell County VA are available in print or on line, in various forms. I have tried to assemble the testamentary and probate material of Russell County up through 1821. 

Several courthouse volumes contained early wills; the common practice was to record something in the most convenient place. There is accordingly much overlap and disorder of dates. The lost Will Book 1 covered the period to 1803. Will Book 2, here in its entirety, covered 1803 to 1812 in 276 pages. Will Book 3, also complete here, covered 1812 to 1821 in 362 pages. Will Book 4, 1809-1898, with 96 pages included material from the Superior Court of Law, the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery and Circuit Courts. I have transcribed only the material to 1821 to coincide with the end of Will book 3. Will Book 4a was the successor to Will Book 3, covering 1821 to 1835 in 708 pages. I add here pages 19-41, ending with the estate of James Osbourn who died in December 1821. I have not included any wills recorded in deed or minute books.