Smyth County, Virginia Selected Death Records and Miscellaneous Records (Annotated), 1853-1939


Smyth County, VIrginia Selected Death Records & Miscellaneous Records (Annotated), 1853-1939.  Researched and abstracted by Thomas Jack Hockett; compiled by Donald Helton.  

The author has gathered together more than four thousand death records from Smyth and surrounding counties (Grayson, Wythe, Mercer). The majority of the records carry annotations drawn from a myriad of sources. The volume also contains the records of Smyth Countians who died in Mercer County, WV, as well as some Smyth County Migrations (3) and a listing of miscellaneous Smyth County Birth Records. This is an important resource for researchers working in the southwest Virginia area.