Smyth County, Virginia Deed Book 1, Apr.1832-Aug.1836


Smyth County, Virginia Deed Book 1, Apr.1832-Aug.1836. 

Thomas & Jane Ann Colley. 2004. 

One can locate considerable information on the county’s history and genealogy by referencing its deed books, containing not only deeds (Indentures of Bargain & Sale) but relinquishment of dower, powers of attorney and Deeds of Gift, Deeds of Trust, etc. This includes the all-important location of female surnames and also valuable clues to the misconstrued and translated (Anglicized) German and Swiss German names. This is the first deed book for this new county, and the index will list many of the early settlers in the region as well as the influx of new landowners. A very valuable addition to southwestern Virginia history.