Selected Death Records of Southwest Virginians who Died in Missouri (or were related to those who died in Missouri)


Or were related to those who died in Missouri; with additions from Iowa and Sullivan County/East Tennessee

These deaths are taken from a variety of sources and methods employed, including "hunt and seek", census, on-line sources at Rootsweb, Ancestry, IGI, Family Genealogy Forums, censuses, etc. and the very valuable Missouri Death Certificates 1912-1958 which are generously available online. These deaths of mid and extreme southwestern Virginia people in Missouri during the subject time likely represent only a fraction of the deaths which could be ferreted out with difficulty employing 2-4 sources (in conjunction) in conjunction. The work represents considerable labor (not to mention eye-strain) and it is hoped it will bolster further the efforts to document the migration of southwestern Virginia persons.

During the process of abstracting and compiling the death records listed herein, instances of conflict occurred between the certificate and additional information found on-line. The information is entered as found. Any such conflicts are left to the discretion of the reader to reconcile.

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Missouri Deaths from: page

Washington County, Virginia 1

Wythe County, Virginia 43

Russell County, Virginia 56

Grayson/Carroll Counties, Virginia 80

Smyth County, Virginia 85

Tazewell County, Virginia 101

Lee County, Virginia 118

Scott County, Virginia 138

Dickenson County, Virginia 151

Buchanan County, Virginia 154
Miscellaneous Deaths from southwest Virginia
Iowa Deaths from southwest Virginia
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Thomas Jack Hockett and Donald W. Helton

2010, 8.25" x 10.75", paper, every-name index, iv, 220 pp.