Stafford County, Virginia Tithables: Quit Rents, Personal Property Taxes and related lists and petitions, 1723-1790 [2 volumes]


With an introduction by Michael Burgess.

"The records in these books are certain to provide genealogical breakthroughs for countless researchers interested in colonial Stafford County....The records in this set are of such a variety and importance that they bear noting here..." [review, The Virginia Genealogical Society Newsletter, Vol. XVI, No. 2, Mar.-Apr. 1990, p.4].

Stafford County was formed in 1664 from the upper portion of Westmoreland County. As initially created, it included all of the land from the Potomac River westward to the dividing ridge of the Potomac Rappahannock watershed. Stafford's lands north of Chapawamsick Creek were cut off in 1730 to form part of Prince William County. In 1776 a major boundary alteration between Stafford and King George so altered the boundary that the ridgeline no longer served as the dividing line. The lower portion of Stafford became part of King George and the upper half of King George was transferred to Stafford's jurisdiction. A total of 1,917 different surnames are recorded here, representing several thousand individual families. More than fifteen thousand entries are included in the sixty-four pages of triple columned index.

John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr.

1990, 2 volumes, index, figures, maps, 623 pp.