Colonial Supermarket: Daniel Payne's Ledger for his Store at Dumfries in Prince William County, Virginia for the Years 1758-1764



The authors have provided a faithful and accurate transcription of this early store ledger for a county which has lost many of its colonial records. This is a fascinating foray into the life and times of Dumfries. Most of the community's inhabitants had accounts with Payne's store, and he stocked more than four hundred different items. This ledger demonstrates the complex society of colonial Virginia, and it portrays a rich panoply of life during the supposed "hard times" of the French and Indian War. For many of these people, Payne's ledger demonstrates their lifestyle and daily activities. A must for anyone interested in colonial Virginia and its lifestyle. A brief biography of Payne is included, along with an index listing of his clientele and a glossary of all the various products carried by the merchant in his establishment.


Charles and Virginia Hamrick

2007, paper, 163 pp.