Washington County, Virginia Bonds (Guardians, Administrators, Executors, etc.) 1870-1901


These bond books contain the following types of bonds (varying per book with some of the bonds): Guardians, Administrators, Executors, Powers of Attorney, Tavern Keepers, Retail Liquor Dealers; Barroom Liquor Dealers, County Officials (elected, appointed, or to fill a vacancy), i.e., Notary Public, Supervisors, Overseers of the Poor, Commissioners of Roads, Town Sargeant, Constables, Commissioners of Revenue; Sheriff, Treasurer, Superintendent of the Poor (Alms House), Clerk of the Court, Examiner of Records; as well, Ministers' rights to perform marriages; Committees for persons of unsound mind (lunatics).

Jack Hockett and Donald Helton

2022, paper, 275 pp.