Washington County, Virginia Deed Book 28, October 1869-April 1871


The Washington County, Virginia Deed Book 28 begins with a deed of 27 Oct 1869 and ends 480 pages later with a deed of 22 Apr 1871. These dates are, however, a little misleading as there are many references to deeds stretching back as far as 1842, numerous references and a few deeds from the 1850s and rather numerous deeds from the 1860s (especially post-Civil War era) included in this deed book. The Indentures (as well, Powers of Attorney and other documents regularly included in the Deed Books) are only loosely chronological. The devastation and ruin of personal fortunes, a very unpleasant legacy of the Civil War, is quickly evident in this Deed Book with the continued high number of bankruptcy filings, the deeds of trust (mortgage), vendor's liens, as well as evidenced migratory outflow of, undoubtedly, some of the county's more industrious citizens. This Deed Book marks the beginning of the Homestead Exemption deeds. The original manuscript (Washington County, Virginia Deed Book 28) did not include even a locator index and likely for this reason, its contents have been less explored than some other Washington County, Virginia Deed Books. Mr. Donald Helton has prepared an every-name index to this work. It is hoped that this transcription/index for Deed Book 28, Washington County, Virginia, will serve to promote even more enthusiastic exploration into the history of this county, especially with a view toward the effect of the Civil War.

Jack Hockett

2013, index, 255 pp.