Washington County, Virginia Execution Book 1, 1782-1787; Judgment Book 1, 1782-1786


Executions are an important genealogical tool. They have nothing to do as records of capital punishment. Instead, Executions list cases sued out or pending in the sheriff's office. They show notices of process, names of the parties, amount of the judgment, date of execution, return date, and sheriff's return. A Judgment docket, on the other hand lists judgments and other liens entered in all courts. It is a register of liens on all owners of property. By comparing the two documents, a great deal of genealogical information can often be obtained. And the period covered by both books is a time when Virginia was in a great transition from wartime to peacetime, and from colonial rule to a new governing system.

Ms. Shelby Ireson Edwards

(1983), 2007, 8.25" x 10.75", every-name index, paper, 50 pp.