Washington County, Virginia Minute Book 22, Jan. 1875 - Oct. 1879


Washington County, Virginia Minute Book 22, Jan. 1875 - Oct. 1879. Jack Hockett. 2018.

From the Introduction
Washington County Virginia (WCV) Minute Book (MB) 22 begins at court 26 Jun 1877 with indictments of Russell Stroup for keeping a house of ill fame, John Hurt for assault, and G. W. Snodgrass for failing to keep the road in repair, and ends 512 pages later with an entry of 28 Oct 1878: Louvenia Findlay, Pltf vs E. M. Wills and I. F. Jones: Removal from justice. This MB is particularly valuable in that minute books or order books in general frequently provide accounts of persons not otherwise captured in DBs, WBs and other major court books. And most particularly, and again, in view of the very deficient 1870 census for Washington County, VA. MB 22, as usual, sometimes leaves one with a great yearning for more details on a particular case entry; these would likely be found, if preserved, in loose court papers. Some annotations have been made to this work, principally to identify selected individuals. Refer to the key for abbreviations and credits. The contents of this MB are comprised chiefly of: