Washington County, Virginia Minute Book 4, April 1839-January 1841


Minute Book 4 of Washington County, Virginia contains such entries as: Names of court appointees and admin. of oaths, as needed (overseers of roads and schools, constables, for purposes of estate settlements and other business such as relating to ad quod damnums), jurors, etc.; guardian bonds; acknowledgements of deeds of emancipation, indentures of bargain and sale, indentures of trust, settlement of estates, inventories and appraisements, releases, mortgages, renunciation of dower rights, etc.; payments due from county; granting of certificates of probate; excuses from county levies and poor rates for infirmity; various legal causes/cases: In Debt, In Chancery, Motion on Forthcoming Bonds, In Detiner; Covenant, Attachments; appointments to view and appraise estates; fees for ordinary and house of entertainment licenses; recognizance bonds; assignments of dower; attestations relating to Revolutionary War veterans; registration of Free Persons of Colour (FPCs), dismissal of causes/cases; cases designated for arbitration, appeals; certifications of ordination to perform marriage ceremonies, to practise as attorney in Washington County, Virginia, court opinions on criminal indictments (whether to dismiss or send to Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery), etc. Note: Every name mentioned in this minute book has been transcribed; in many instances the transcription is almost verbatim with some summaries, a few liberties for punctuation and capitalization, etc.

Jack Hockett and Donald Helton

2012, 8" x 10", 257 pp.