Washington County, Virginia Will Book 1, 1777-1792, with Annotations


From the Introduction: 
This Will Book 1 begins with the inventory of the estate of Henry Carswell [Cresswell], decd., which was recorded at Washington County, Virginia court, 26 Aug 1777, and ends 188 pages later (two pages being numbered 148 (148A) and 149 (149A) with the Power of Attorney from Joseph Martin of Henry County, VA to General James Robertson of Davidson County, (now Tennessee) to sell land in Davidson County to William Edmiston (Edmondson), recorded at Washington County court, 21 June 1792. This Washington County Will Book 1 was restored in 1936 through the efforts of the DAR and contains, at the beginning of the Will Book film, 5 pages in addition to the 188 pages of the Will Book itself. Four pages are barely legible and illegible in parts but have been transcribed as nearly as possible and placed at the end of this Will Book. Two of the pages appear to be the beginning of a petition for states or commonwealths east of the Allegheny Mountains to relinquish their western claims in order that new states could be formed to join the confederation.

Jack Hockett and Donald Helton

2016, 8" x 10", 182 pp.